Cabinet honors science fair participants

​​​​Twenty Kentucky high school students recently participated in the International Science and Engineering Fair, competing against 1,800 students from all over the globe! DuPont Manual High School tied for the No. 1 spot overall for the highest number of awards for a school! Team Kentucky ranked No. 6 in the entire world for having the most number of award winners.

Kentucky Participants included:

Anjali Chadha, DuPont Manual High School
Benjamin Jiang, DuPont Manual High School
Gregory Schwartz, DuPont Manual High School
Madison Sneve, DuPont Manual High School
Emily Liu, DuPont Manual High School
Harsha Paladugu, DuPont Manual High School
Ryan Folz, DuPont Manual High School 
Abraham Riedel-Mishaan, DuPont Manual High School
Govind Krishna, DuPont Manual High School
Kairav Kukkala, Ballard High School
Analisa Conway, Assumption High School
Sriram Satyavolu, Kentucky Country Day
Vaitheesh Jaganathan, Ballard High School
Joshua Jacob, Saint Xavier High School
Vishaal Balamurugan, North Oldham High School
Amy Wang, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
David Ma, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Jin Cho, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Rachel Seevers, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Will Broomhead, Dixie Heights High School

Secretary Hal Heiner and other cabinet members met with the students during a reception in the cabinet office, and presented the award winners with congratulatory letters from Governor Bevin. Since the fair’s inception in 1950, seven participants have gone on to win Nobel Prizes! 

Eight of the students received ISEF awards: 

Student: Madison Sneve
School: duPont Manual High School
Award & Category: First Award, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Project: Tactile Stimulation of the Tongue Elicits the Activation of TrkC Neurons in the Trigeminal Ganglion

Student: Vishaal Balamurugan
School: North Oldham High School
Award & Category: Second Award, Bio-Chemistry 
Project: Bioengineering Islet Cells Using 3D-Bio Printing Technology for the Treatment of Type-1 Diabetes

Student: Joshua Jacob
School: Saint Xavier High School
Award & Category: Second Award, Engineering Mechanics
Project: Development of a Hybrid Direct Ink Write 3D Printer: A Novel Approach to 3D Printing Multi-Material Functional Devices and Flexible Electronics

Student: Govind Krishna
School: duPont Manual High School
Award & Category: Fourth Award, Chemistry
Project: Optimization of Temperature Conditions for Pristine Graphene Synthesis

Student: Kairav Kukkala
School: Ballard High School
Award & Category: Fourth Award, Chemistry
Project: Surface-Migrating Additives to Improve Stain Resistance of Coatings

Student: Emily Liu
School: DuPont Manual High School
Award & Category: Third Award, Materials Science
Project: Collisions of a Buckyball with Graphene and SiC Sheets at Supersonic Speeds

Student: Anjali Chadha
School: duPoint Manual High School
Award & Category: Fourth Award, Embedded Systems
Project: Monitoring of Arsenic in Groundwater Sources using an Innovative IoT Sensor

Student: Gregory Schwartz
School: duPont Manual High School
Award & Category: Fourth Award, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Project: Computer Simulation of Genetically Modified Aedes aegypti Release Methods

Several other students received special awards! Click here​ to view the list of special award winners.