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There is no higher calling than providing Kentuckians from all across the Commonwealth the opportunity of transformational change - to get a great education and quality training so they can attain a meaningful career, support their families, break the cycle of poverty and prosper. Providing the opportunity for transformational change is the mission of Kentucky’s Education and Workforce Development Cabinet.

Too often, we view job creation and economic development as separate from their true foundation: education. Every classroom in Kentucky is led by our most important job creators, our teachers. Transformational change starts in our classrooms.

We are working to create a cradle to career cabinet. Unfortunately, we lose our young people at the most critical crossroads in their education: from pre-K to K-12 and from K-12 to post-secondary. By focusing on the four E’s of education and workforce development, we can ensure Kentuckians have a greater chance of success to enter the workforce in a strong position and our industries can retain our best and brightest.

  • ​We must Expand opportunity for early childhood education
  • Provide Exposure to middle school students for career opportunities in their own communities
  • High school students need to Experience real-world workforce training
  • And post-secondary education, Kentuckians should have Expertise in their chosen field

Graphic reading Governor Beshear announces multi-agency education initiative: Commonwealth Education Continuum

In order to create a cradle to career pathway for all Kentuckians, the Commonwealth Education Continuum was formed. This initiative will help Kentucky students through transition points in education, from early childhood to career. 

No one state agency can tackle the multiple issues facing public education, so the CEC will unite the efforts of educational authorities at all levels. It is a partnership between the Council on Postsecondary Education, the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet and the Kentucky Department of Education.

The committee has 24 members, consisting of educators, public officials and business leaders.

For more information on the Commonwealth Education Continuum, CLICK HERE​.