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  Work Ready Communities​

​Kentucky has the most rigorous certification program in the nation to allow communities to demonstrate their workforce quality. This is an opportunity to differentiate our county and help Kentucky compete to attract jobs now and in the future.​ ​

For information: (502) 564-7670

    Work Ready Skills Initiative

Kentucky has awarded $100 million in statewide bonds​ to 40 applicants​ through the Kentucky Work Ready Skills Initiative (KWRSI) to build a highly trained, modernized workforce to meet the needs of employers and promote sustainable incomes for Kentuckians.​

For information: (502) 782-5698​ ​​​
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Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship

The Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program provides financial aid to eligible Kentuckians who have not yet earned at least an associate’s degree and are earning certifications in our five high-demand career sectors.

For information: (502) 564-0372
Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Fact Sheet​
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Dual Credit Scholarship

This statewide initiative provides funds for dual credit scholarships for all 173 school districts. For the first time in the state’s history, the scholarship funds will pay for dual credit opportunities for Kentucky high schoolers at no cost to the student for approved courses.​

For information: (502) 564-0372
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